Very Important! Please select the appropriate email.
    And always state your phone number whenever you are contacting us. Your phone number is your ID.
    ** While we may not always be able to reply your messages, be rest assured we'll attend to it.

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    Problem with your account?:

    * In-Active Downlines
    # If your downlines have paid, but they are not yet active on your account, simply tell them to login again into their perfect kash account. Once they are logged in, it will be updated on your account.

    * Forgotten login details
    # If you have forgotten your password, please click on Reset Password on the login page. If you have forgotten your phone number, unfortunately, that can't be recovered.

    * Change of details
    # You can't change your phone number, email and full name after registration. But you can change your bank account and bitcoin address. Go to Dashboard to make the changes.

    * Suspension of account
    # If your account was suspended, you won't be able to get help or provide help. And suspension is permanent. You may contact us if you believe your account was wrongly suspended.

    * Blocking of account
    # If your account was blocked, you won't be able to get help or provide help, and any other account you create or have will also be blocked. Your account will be blocked for trying to perpetrate scam.

    Problem with your PH?:

    If you have paid and the member refuses to confirm your PH, please upload your proof of payment and wait for 24 hours before contacting us. Very Important

    Sometimes there may be a network delay which might be the reason while the member haven't confirmed you. But you don't have to worry. Once you've clicked on Paid, the member can still confirm you within 48 hours.

    After 48 hours, if the member still haven't confirmed you, please contact us again with a solid proof of payment. A bank statement will be preferable. If you failed to send a solid proof of payment within 72 hours, the PH will be automatically canceled and you may be suspended.

    Problem with your GH?:

    If the member paired to you did not pay but clicked on Paid, once his/her time has expired please click on NOT PAID and wait for 24 hours before contacting us. Very Important

    Sometimes there may be a delay in network, and that could be the reason you haven't seen alert. So your GH status will remain pending. If after 48 hours you still haven't received alert, please contact us again.

    Your GH status will still remain pending for up to 4 days. If you eventually receive alert, please click on Finally Paid (the member will be fined for late payment). If you did not receive alert after 4 days, the transaction will be marked as unpaid and the member will be suspended.